Gallery | Tearaway & Tearaway Unfolded

Still to finish the game, I’m enjoying it a lot, such a beautiful funny game. I will continue uploading images here.

Edit January 13th 2014: I finished the game past week. Honestly, Tearaway is one the best game experiences I ever had. I was with a smile on my face during all the game, and that, for me, means a lot. I could take hundreds of photo of the beautiful world of Tearaway. Here 64 of them, maybe I’ll upload more in the future.

Edit: October 5th 2015: I update the gallery with PS4 version of the game and new gallery format

Tearaway (Vita, 2013)
Tearaway Unfolded (PS4, 2015)
Tearaway™ Unfolded_20151004215658

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