Moment | KillZone: Shadow Fall (PS4, 2013) – VSA Building Arrival

It’s easy to see that my channel is a bit PlayStation focused right now compared to other platforms, and that’s because at this moment it’s my main gaming platform (because of the lack of gaming time, unfortunately, I’ve to pass on some great Nintendo, Xbox and even PC Games). I’ve been Sega gamer, Amiga gamer, Nintendo gamer, PC Gamer (and still I am) across many years, but the last few years main focus has been in Sony platforms. So, when the February 20th event was announced, I was really hyped and watched it live (even if it was pass midnight and only slept four hours xD) but really deserved.

First because of Cerny’s appearence (I’ve known his figure before, he is a great speaker and as soon as I saw him with Crash Bandicoot tune it was clear it was going to be great). And second, the first glimpse of KillZone Shadow Fall, which was absolutely outstanding (the city, the music, some kind of Blade Runner vibe). I know it’s a bit controversial saga, it has some faults, but I usually enjoy it and Shadow Fall hasn’t been an exception, with a large, visually and artistically awesome and interesting campaign (the story lacks a bit, but really like the gameplay, shooting is really satisfying and has some nice slow parts).

So, as my first Gaming Moment from new PS4, this was an easy choice (surely more will come):

As a bonus, the ending credits of the game with “The Flower Duet” by Leo Delibes, music used in KZ2’s incredible  “Ballet of the Death video (I just wanted an option to play it in slow motion like first two Uncharted games):

A gallery we’ll come soon (I need to play the game without HUD to properly capture it)

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