Moment | Tearaway Unfolded (PS4, 2015) – Riding the Pig

Loved Tearaway in Vita, one of the best games I’ve played (it has some faults, but it’s so beautiful and the ending is amazing). I made a gallery which I’m going to expand during next weeks with new 1080p captures, but couldn’t share some great moments (I can’t capture Vita games videos). So, this new version, which includes new content that expands original world, was a great chance to play it again and share some of those moments.

Personally, I love this funny moment, riding the pig with a beautiful song on the background. I played Vita version some time ago, but I’m sure this part is expanded, all the part where you interact with the light is new. The video also shows another great new feature, the game automatically generates short GIF videos with some great moments, like this one during the video.


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  1. What’s more destructive? A bull in a china shop or a pig in crate store?

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