Feature | The Art of Dreams (2020)

I played Dreams by Media Molecule more than a year ago during the beta. Then I bought the Early Access and I have been enjoying it, mostly playing, since then. With the official release of the game, I have received a little present in the form of the soundtrack and the Art of the game. The soundtrack, created with games own tools is amazing, but more on that later. But the real surprise was the art. Yes, they used in-game tools to create an amazing 2-3 hours story, visually stunning, with a lot of variety and gameplay mechanics. But previously the created a lot of art to bring their vision, including the structure of “Art’s Dream” (mixing three different modes) and also the menus and user interface of the general game.



Live gameplay showing first moments of “Art’s Dream” where you can see how some of those concepts were translated to the final game:

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