Gameplay Compilation (V)

It’s time to recap some gameplay I shared in the last months and that I didn’t find the moment or inspiration to write a proper post, in part because I had my usual problems to focus and share a proper opinion. But the first impressions were excellent and I hope to return to them. Like an additional reflexion, I’m thinking in limiting myself a bit both playing and sharing gameplays of titles if it isn’t the best moment to play them and make some justice… Early 2020 wishes.

For this compilation, I’ve selected four titles with 2D gameplay that show the variety you can find today in this kind of games, a pure joy for people like me that started playing mostly this kind of games.

Yoku’s Island Express (2018)

This game developed by Villa Gorilla is a curious mix of platform game and pinball, featuring a simple nice story and colorful graphics. Here a little glimpse of its gameplay:

Hollow Knight (2017)

One of the best received 2D exploration adventure games and that’s a lot to say with the excellent games we have had in this genre in the recent years. I still have a lot to explore in the dangerous and original world of the game:

Blazing Chrome (2019)

If you like classic platform action games, this is probably one of the best released in the recent years. As soon as you start playing it, Contra come to your mind:

Guacamelee! 2 (2018)

The sequel didn’t have (unfortunately) the success of the original, but it’s even better with some new gameplay additions. An excellent platform and exploration game.

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