Moment | The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (2015) – Family Matters: Botchling

Widely considered one of the best games of 2015 (and more), I started playing it when it was released but after some time (around 10 hours) I stopped. I can’t remember the reason, I enjoyed the world, the story… I had some problems with combat gameplay, but I was progressing in that aspect. Who knows, I was probably busy with other things, it happens more often than it should. In that short time, for a game this big, at least was able to play a shocking moment that is part of a quest that, as I’ve read in many places, remains as one of the best of the game, Family Matters or better known as Bloody Baron, the main NPC of that quest.

When Geralt first meet the Baron trying to find more information that can be helpful in his search of Ciri, he is looking for his wife, Anna, and daughter Tamara, but he covers part of the story. What starts as a usual mission in open world games takes a turn when the story becomes more and more complex as you discover the truth behind the Baron and his acts, abusing her wife while she was pregnant and had a miscarriage. The dead baby was buried and that’s part of the Baron’s curse:

Being improperly buried, the baby became botchling, a small creature that resembles the baby that kills, mostly pregnant women, to feed with her (and her baby’s) blood. Here you can decide between fighting the creature or saving it with a ritual. Here what happened that stormy night:

And this is for now the end of the story, I will probably return to the game in the future and if I can, I’ll update this post with how this arc of the story ends.

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