Gallery | Days Gone (2019)

Beautiful landscapes, action, hordes and unique characters. Add a Photo Mode with a wide range of options and you get another addiction for virtual photographers. Last months my gaming time has been a bit limited and from that time, Days Game has consume quite a bit. I’ve already written about the game and I’ll write more in the future now I’ve finished it and I have a better based opinion, but, long story short, I really enjoyed it start to finish.

Part of the joy has been taking photos. The always changing and dangerous world gives a lot of chances, the same place looks completely different depending of the time and weather. From arriving to an abandoned gas station during a rainy night, to a beautiful and calm sunset, followed by a snow storm and a horde attack. The visceral action and the continuous use of the bike, bring great options for action shots.

I’ve only found two little problems. The colors (and probably post-processing) changes in the transition from in-game to Photo Mode. Is subtle, but noticeable and it’s a bit disappointing when the beautiful atmosphere you have just witness doesn’t match in the final result. The other one more than a problem is that it would be a wonderfull addition to have the option to change at least the time of the day, something available in, for example, Horizon: Zero Dawn. But I guess it depends in many factors because apart from that, it features the most extensive and detailed options, including advanced mode (that I hardly use) and presets.

This time I’ve divided the captures in two categories and as usual, you can find a complete Flickr gallery embedded here, and you can click to watch them full size. I will probably add more in the future as I still play the game, the challenges are really enteraining.


DAYS GONE_20190512145022

Action and Others

DAYS GONE_20190505184108

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