Moment | Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (2017) – Surtr Boss Battle

Since its release in 2017 it has gained more and more recognition, thanks to its story, visual design, mental illness treatment and because it has visited different platforms expanding its audience (last one, Nintendo Switch). If we analyze its gameplay, it’s a combination of not complicated but functional combat mechanics and puzzles, some of them a bit obscures.

Speaking about combat and apart from regular enemies, the game features four different boss battles. First two can be played in any order, one featuring Valravn, a crow like creature that comes from Danish mythology and the other one featuring Surtr, which, like following two, comes from Norse mythology. The last two are Garm (Hel’s guardian) and Hela, final boss, goddess of underworld and already featured in the blog post about game’s ending.

Today, I’m focusing in Surtr. The previous moments already show the devastation and suffering created with his fire, something also reflected in Senua’s herself (with here recurrent visions, nightmares and voices) and then the combat setting uses this to create some amazing imagery:

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