Gameplay | Thumper (2016)

First post of the year, I will try to return to basics with two updates per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ve also planned to have a regular weekly Live gaming session on Fridays, and this was my year’s first. For this occasion, I’ve chosen Thumper, the rhythm game (well, rhythm violence according to the official web) developed by Drool, a two-man team, and first released in 2016. The game is available in multiple platforms and is even compatible with VR, something that, for what I read, it’s amazing, but I’m not able to test right now.

I started Thumper knowing little and first I noticed was that I really liked the visual style, simple, but effective for this kind of game and with some original touches, for example the ship, a metallic beetle that transforms while playing or when getting damaged. The game starts relatively slow, teaching every possible moment with calm… even if I’m a bit slow learner as you can see on the video below. This kind of games must be played when you’re in calm and not too tired because require a lot of attention.

The basic moments are hitting a button while passing over certain points, to gain bonus multiplier but also is used to fight final bosses, turning in certain corners or crossing and jumping certain obstacles. All these moments start combing progressively and rhythmically, with the help of a great electronic soundtrack composed by Brian Gibson (also credited as game’s artist) . It’s hard to tell, but it really works and the game feels great to play, challenging but rewarding. The game is composed by different levels (9, I guess) and sub-levels (15 per level for what I’ve seen, with some bosses and a big final boss), each one with its score and grades, so it also has the classical addiction of improving in leaderboard. To avoid getting repetitive, some new movements are added in later levels, but I’m still in the second one… Here you can see my first moments with the game:


7 thoughts on “Gameplay | Thumper (2016)

  1. We currently have this for the PSVR. I haven’t tried it yet, but my husband has, and according to him it is intense. I love rhythm games, and definitely want to try this out in that and other platforms!

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    1. I would love to try it in VR, I’m not sure about motion sickness. Game’s nice, but I’ve read that last levels are difficult. We’ll see. Thanks for reading and commeting.

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      1. Do you get motion sickness, too? I’ve found it happens to me when the camera moves too fast. I had difficulty the first (and only) time I played the new Assassin’s Creed (so far). I bought ginger pills to try. I’m hoping that will be a quick (and cheap) solution.

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      2. I haven’t try out VR, but with some games, for example with fast movements (usually in first person), sometimes I feel a bit bad or I have headaches. Nothing serious and usually related to being a bit tired. So, I often don’t play during workdays.

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      3. Yup exactly my issue/trigger, too. I was reading up on it, and the suggested reason has to do with your eyes seeing something that your body isn’t feeling. It thinks there should be motion, but there isn’t, and this causes the nausea. I was also happy to learn that it’s fairly common. I’m not happy other people have to deal with it, but at least it’s not that out of the ordinary and there are remedies for it!

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  2. I like the visuals, but probably wouldn’t play Thumper because rhythm games aren’t my thing. Right now I am playing Night in the Woods and sucking terribly at the guitar sections.

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