Gallery | No Man’s Sky (2016)

One year ago, after a long wait, No Man’s Sky was released and immediately became one of the most controversial games in recent gaming story. Probably expectations were too high for such a small team, probably the promises of development team and, especially, Sean Murray, were unfulfilled. One of the main criticism were the non-existent online and I don’t know why the promised that, for me one of the good points was that the universe was so big it was impossible to meet another human. The other one was the downgrade in creatures and world generation, worse than the ones showed during previews and presentations. And the final one, the disappointing “story” and what you find (or don’t find) when you reach the center of the Universe, something I never did. During the last year, they’ve released two big updates adding base building, new resources, UI improvements, Photo Mode, new game modes (Creative, Survival, Permadeath), world creation and technical improvements, new vehicles including ground ones… And this week they’re releasing another big update with better central story and portals to travel instantly (something shown during early demos but that until now never happened).


When I started playing the game, I decided to stream all my adventures in some kind of logbook that you can find (incomplete) in this old post. Honestly, I think it didn’t work as expected because I feel a bit conditioned when I play and I know someone can watch it. And also I think that the viewer we’ll find those stream boring because I only show pure gameplay, I don’ make voiceovers. I returned when the first big update was released, but only for one day. But I can’t deny I had some great moment those early days of No Man’s Sky and now that the game has been vastly improved, I think I’m giving it another chance. I’m starting a new adventure, a complete fresh start, now that a new update has been announced (improving story aspects of the game) and I’m going to take my time, playing it for me, not for the hypothetical viewers. I think that way it can work better.

Another thing I’m starting today is a gallery. Last weeks I’ve been playing Creative mode, trying to learn the basics and testing photo mode, which first results you see here. With the new adventure starting as soon as the new update is up, I think the gallery will expand soon.


No Man's Sky_20170812115907

5 thoughts on “Gallery | No Man’s Sky (2016)

  1. I played No Man’s Sky for a few hours. At first it was fun, but the repetition eventually wore me down. Fair play to the developer for making big updates well after the release date. Perhaps I will revisit the game when they stop developing for it, to see all the added content.

    This video about No Man’s Sky made me laugh.

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    1. Gameplay is still repetitive, but as I enjoy discovering new worlds and don’t play for long periods, that isn’t a big problem for me. But I’m intrigued with the improved story that they have announced for this week. We’ll see. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. I remember getting caught up in the hype for No Man’s Sky, and then putting it down like 2 days later. It’s sad what happened to that game.


    1. I’ve to reckon that I also was too hyped and the game probably didn’t fulfill all the promises or felt short in some aspect. But I still enjoyed it and I think it was a really ambitious games. Later patches improved some aspects and added interesting things, at least to try once (base building, freighters, land vehicles…). Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      1. It just sucks that they had to put all these patches in to improve the game. You’re welcome!


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