Landscapes | WipEout Omega Collection (2017)

It has been too long since the last “Landscapes” post and that’s strange because is easily one of my favorites. I guess that making the videos takes more time than usually and my schedule is a bit tight lately. But with games like WipEout Omega Collection is relatively easy, thanks to pre-race introductions that are focused mostly on tracks and even some little details.

Released in June, this collection offers remastered versions of WipEout HD (and its expansion Fury) and WipEout 2048, released in Vita (which also included all the content from HD and Fury as DLC). So, there wasn’t nothing especially new, just two new teams and technical improvements: up to 4K resolution (I can’t test this), 60 fps and more resolution for WipEout 2048, improved textures and details… Apart from that, you’ll find the original three career modes which bring enough single player content, options to set your own races or tournaments with a different game modes (something 2048 lacked and is welcomed) and offline and online multiplayer. So, why I’ve bought this if I already have those games? Two reasons: playing 2048 on a big screen and replaying one of my favorite arcade racers again. And yes, years later, I still love it.

Back to the game’s landscapes, this post covers all the tracks (8 from WipEout HD, 4 from WipEout HD Fury and 10 from 2048) in two different videos. I haven’t included the 4 Zone Mode exclusive tracks from Fury. Tracks from HD (essentially, ports from PSP games tracks) are really different from 2048. Former are clean futuristic ones, while the latter are mostly urban tracks, with more old buildings and more varied (and less “cleaner”) textures. This has sense because WipEout HD takes place in 2206, 158 years later, so you can feel some kind of evolution. What I find amazing is that every single track is filled with little details that are impossible to see while you’re playing. Why did they spend time on those details? In my opinion, because they help to build the world around you even if, apparently, are undistinguishable.

WipEout HD & Fury (2008/2017)

WipEout 2048 (2012/2017)

Note: Music from G.A.M.E. Omega Edition (Link). Featured songs:

WipEout HD & Fury

  • The Kree – 357 Bitches
  • Hamster Alliance – Disruptor Cannon
  • kogasu – Limitless Rush
  • Sadsic – Dreamwater Odyssey (feat. Alexander Aultman)
  • George Hefner – Acceleration
  • Vally feat. Steelyvibe – Wild Crowd

WipEout 2048:

  • Neurochasm – Structure
  • The Kree – Little Ben

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  1. Hamster Alliance sounds like the cutest musical act ever.

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