Gameplay | The Sexy Brutale (2017)

With all the great games released during last months, it’s easy to overlook some of them. In April,  Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works (the studio behind RiME), released The Sexy Brutale, a game that was very well received. I didn’t buy it on release, but I put it on my (long) “to buy” list. Recently, there was a sale and I couldn’t resist.

Like other recent games, I knew little about it before I started playing: just that it was an adventure game, with puzzles you solve by resetting the time of day.  What I’ve found it’s a great adventure game that reminded me of class classic isometric adventures (Head Over Heels, Batman… without platforming aspects), but specially a Spanish game called “La Abadia del Crimen“. The game, developed by Opera Soft (a classic in the 80s) was released first for Amstrad CPC in 1987. It was based in Umberto Eco’s “The Name of the Rose”. They changed the name because the never got Eco’s answer when the asked him in order to gain novel’s rights. Here you can enjoy a complete walkthrough of the version I played when I was young. Well to be honest, I struggled to advance more than the first day.

Returning to The Sexy Brutale, in this game you control a preacher, Lafcadio Boone, who thanks to the power of a mask given by a mysterious Bloody Girl, has to avoid the death of the different guests of Lucas Bondes casino party. All the action takes place in a single day and you have the power to reset that day when you want thanks to a broken watch. You’ll need to learn what is happening with every victim until you discover the way to save them. For that, at first you can only spy through doors but you gain new powers thanks to the masks of the victims you save.

Visually, the game’s art is beautiful and original, every room of the mansion is clearly different and with a lot of little details. And the game delivers some great moments, sometimes humoristic, sometimes emotional. Even some good musical moments:

Finishing the game took me around 6 hours. The puzzles aren’t specially difficult, I’m far from being really good solving puzzles and only got stuck once. As a general tip, it’s important to locate the victims and learn as much information as you can by listening their conversations and watching their actions. If you like this kind of games, I really recommend this one.

If you want to have a first glimpse of the game, here you can watch the first minutes. Take note it gets better as you progress, including more story heavy aspects that really took me by surprise. I really loved the end of the story.


5 thoughts on “Gameplay | The Sexy Brutale (2017)

  1. I really enjoyed this game. It was flawed in a couple of places but there was a lot to love!

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  2. Ooh, I’ll have to check it out! I’ve been curious about this game.

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    1. I didn’t know too much before playing it, some references, but it’s a really interesting game. Maybe a bit easy for people used to puzzles (I’m not xD), but really enjoyable and original. Thanks for reading and your comment!

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  3. I have played Batman and Head over Heels, but not the Spanish game. This is another title I was interested in getting, but got lost in the shuffle. Will have to buy it some day. The resetting time and trying to prevent death reminds me of Last Day of June.

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