Moments | What Remains of Edith Finch (2017) – Part I

When I shared the first minutes of What Remains of Edith Finch, I said that later I was going to share some moments that really impressed me. To be honest, every single little story of this game is overwhelming, different in tone, style, gameplay… Giant Sparrow’s work is beyond what I was expecting and this comes for someone who loved their previous work, The Unfinished Swan. Today, I’m sharing two moments and will probably share more later in the year. By the way, the game was already available for PC and PlayStation 4 and is going to be released this week for Xbox One.

You’ll find big spoilers from this point and I honestly recommend to play the game knowing nothing about it. That way it will really take you by surprise and the experience will be much better.


The first story is a short one and, as I learnt later, creator Ian Dallas’ favorite one. It’s simple, technically (looks beautiful, but you are just in one almost fixed location) and also if you look at gameplay mechanics. But works wonderfully, it evocative… and tragic. But that’s part of the Finch Family:


I’ve chosen this second moment because it really took me by surprise. It’s really different and tells the story wonderfully, with a comic that becomes interactive, and with an homage to horror movies in general and John Carpenter’s work in particular, with a music that will easily recognize. When Barbara’s fate was unveiled, I had to check that railing. Was it broken? Finch Family’s stories often mix reality and fantasy and it’s hard to find out clues…


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