Level | R-Type (1987) – The Encounter

Let’s be honest, I wanted to prepare something bigger for today, R-Type’s 30th Anniversary but I didn’t have enough time. Maybe in the future I will remake this post as a complete “Classic” feature, with a longer video and more text. But today while I was playing it I noticed how much I loved the first level and how it has remained in my memory. But before watching it, a bit of history at least.

R-Type is a side scrolling shoot’em up released by Irem for Japan Arcades in July 1st 1987. It was a great success and was ported to almost every single format. My first contact was with Amstrad CPC version and on my mind, it was arcade perfect version (obviously wasn’t, but it didn’t mind). Even if it was a classic game, it added some nice featured, like being able to charge beam and make a stronger attack, the little orb (I’m reading right now that was called “Force”) you can attach in front or behind the ship or leave it free or the weapon upgrades, like the bouncing laser or red/blue Anti-air laser (loved this one). The game has 8 different levels, each with a final boss (some levels are just a boss), but, as I have said before, it was the first one, with clearly Alien inspired final boss and the amazing music the one that marked my experience with this game. Here you can watch it, captured from “Dimensions” compilation, with the original graphics:


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