Ending | The Last Guardian (2016)

Some weeks ago I shared a certain moment of The Last Guardian because I felt it like a crucial moment in the game. In that post already commented that I was going to share also the ending. I’ve choose this day to publish it intentionally, because it’s the first time since 2009 that people won’t ask if we’re going to see this game in Sony’s E3 Press conference. It was finally released, I think it’s a good game, not perfect as I already detailed in that post but the last part of the game is one the biggest emotional rollercoasters I’ve ever played. Ending spoilers from this point.

In the following video I’ve only shared the last 30 minutes, including the credits. Starting with the beautiful sunset, with Trico looking at the horizon, the appearance of more Trico-like creatures, the combat, a spectacular flying sequence, enemies cutting Trico’s tail… all with the soundtrack playing more epic than ever.

Then the final jump to escape from that place, the boy returning home and saying to the others to leave him, when they start (logically, knowing what those creatures usually do) to attack Trico. And finally, the epilogue, with the boy already grown up, finding the shield and the last view of the fortress and Trico… or two Tricos. A beautiful end for a beautiful tale.


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