Ending | Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016)

When I finished Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End one year ago, after one intense week, I was really happy. And that’s a lot saying. The conclusion of which probably is my favorite saga fulfilled all my expectations and made saying goodbye to those wonderful characters much less hard because I felt everything was perfectly wrapped. Before playing it I had mixed feelings. I would like playing more Nathan Drake’s adventures, but I also thought that it would better for Naughty Dog’s future to have a new project (after The Last of Us Part II) not constrained to an already established franchise. After witnessing Guerrilla Games success widening their scope and leaving behind and old franchise, it’s the best route.

Obviously, in a post like that, some spoilers are coming after this point. I already write some posts about the game, so I will try to focus in the ending. As previous games, the game features a boss fight, always considered one of the weakest points of the saga. This time, I think that Naughty Dog has made a better job, sword fight is good enough, the setting is spectacular and dialogues fit with the tone of the game. After that, comes the ending… well, what I thought that was the ending. It’s a happy ending, one I really wanted, with Nathan and Elena together. The game focuses on their relation, from trying a “normal life”, to Nathan’s lies because he still wants to live adventures, helping his brother is just an excuse. And finally, after they meet again, all the island moments, like this one that shared before, when they clearly started to learn what is better for both of them. In this part, Sam character is crucial because his acts show Nathan the mistakes he have made in the past.

But it was the unexpected epilogue what really set this ending above the ones in the previous games. Emotional, lovely, evocative, nostalgic, playing with the player repeating Crash Bandicoot’s Easter Egg. Exploring every little of the house, the new photos added to the album, all the (legal) adventured they’ve lived. And, best of all, the feeling that Nathan and Elena were going to tell Cassie all their adventures, the ones we have played, added a new perspective when replaying previous titles.

Here you can wath the complete the ending, including last chapter (A Thief’s End) and Epilogue. The video is longer than usual and also includes the credits. By the way, I liked the detail of mentioning Amy Henning, the creator of Uncharted saga. We will probably never see another Uncharted game from Naughty Dog, but I can’t thank them enough for all the efforts and passion they’ve put in all the games, making playing them a pure joy.


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