Level | The Unfinished Swan (2012) – The King’s Dream

For some time I’ve found The Unfinished Swan closing credits / level one of the most imaginative I’ve played. I was always trying to find a moment to share it and that moment has arrived with the release of Giant Sparrow’s second game, What Remains of Edith Finch. But not exactly as I expected. From this point there will be some spoilers of both games.

First, replaying this I’ve found that it can be considered a proper level than just credits, with more limited gameplay than the rest of the game. Actually, there also are some credits in a more traditional way as unlockable. I’ve finished the game two times, but apparently my memories weren’t clear xD. Second, I find that also works well as ending, making a wonderful resume of the adventure in a short time and closing the story. And third, and this is a big spoiler, there’s a connection between one of the stories of What Remains of Edith Finch and The Unfinished Swan.

When you arrive at certain point of Edith Finch’s story, you find a room with a lot of stuff coming directly from Giant Sparrow’s previous title, like the king’s sign, ship’s designs, city’s model or different pictures. I thought it was just an Easter egg, but reading a recent interview with creative director Ian Dallas, he clearly states that one of the members of Finch family is The King of The Unfinished Swan’s world. So, let’s listen what The King has to tell us in this beautiful level (or ending… or credits):


The game also has additional credits, more conventional (not integrate in-game), but also nice to watch while enjoying the haunting soundtrack:


3 thoughts on “Level | The Unfinished Swan (2012) – The King’s Dream

  1. I’ve not read the article (I’m very excited to play Edith Finch), but I just wanted to pop in and say how absolutely beautiful The Unfinished Swan is as a game.

    It was free on PS+ a few years ago, and yet for my money it’s one of the more underplayed games of the last generation.

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    1. I bought it day one for PS3 and played again on PS4 (it was cross-buy). Loved it, a lot of imagination was put on The Unfinished Swan and the end is lovely. Edith Finch is a bit different, but with many amazing moments and, again, imaginative ones. Hope you enjoy it in the future. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. An interactive credits sequence is better than just reading a scrolling list. I liked how in one of the Smash games you could shoot stuff for example during the credits.

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