Ending | INSIDE (2016)

When I finished INSIDE I had the same feeling from when I finished Playdead’s previous game, Limbo. I didn’t know what exactly happened, but all the way to that end I was fascinated and trying to progress through that strange and menacing world, for not clear reasons. Why was that child trying to break into those installations? What was happening there? Was it the first time there for him or already knew the place? Many questions, no clear answers.

Bigger spoilers from this point. The developer plays with ambiguity, not giving clear clues, which mixed with a really shocking change in the last part of the game (the moment shown in the following video) left me a bit lost. I’ve tried to think about the game, I’ve also read some of the theories that are floating around and I probably agree with the one about the poor child being mentally controlled by the creature that appears in the last part of the game. This theory is reinforced by an alternate ending that just learned the game has. But when I was playing, and before that ending twist, my mind was thinking about government experiments, mind control and the child probably looking for something or someone inside that facility.

Apart from the theories about its story, INSIDE is a great puzzle game (already shared this one, probably my favorite), with amazing art and production values and a great follow-up to Limbo. One of the best game of its kind and here you can enjoy its last moments (and credits):


4 thoughts on “Ending | INSIDE (2016)

  1. Skipped past the spoiler part. I played Limbo about halfway through and loved it. I watched the rest on a let’s play since I got a bit stuck and was pressed for time. I really want to play Inside next.


    1. Curiously in both games I stopped halway and then returned to finish them. I find INSIDE’s puzzles more logical and once I returned I finished fast. Can’t wait to know your opinion when you play it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. I’m with you – I was completely anamored with the entire experience, plowing forward in one sitting. I don’t know what drove me more; the gameplay and the ambiguity of the story were both so compelling.

    The ending… also left me at somewhat of a loss. I also had to look up some discussions, and settled on the same conclusion you did. Didn’t change the fact that it was an amazing experience, but I think Limbo had a bit more of a “punch” at the end.

    Great post!

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    1. Thank you! Well, at least this king of ambiguous ending make us think about it and elaborate different theories.

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