Gameplay | Everything (2017)

First thing that comes to your mind when you see “Everything” for the first time is: What’s “Everything”? After playing more than an hour, still it’s a bit difficult to answer. The game is a creation by David OReilly, an Irish artist and filmmaker, mostly animated videos and short films. His first proper video game (and it’s hard to call it proper) videogame work was “Mountain” in 2014. Never played that game, but apparently, you’re a mountain in that game. In “Everything” you can be, well, everything.

When the game begins, you’re a creature that can move (with really clunky animations) across the world and you start learning the basics. You can group equal creatures/things to control all of them at the same time, you can sing and also dance. But most important element is that you can change to another creature/thing, of the same or different scale. You can change and start controlling a tree, then a planet, a sun, a galaxy… but also a plant, a bacteria, an atom… While you discover all the creatures/things/creations you can interact with (all registered into an in-game encyclopedia), you also find some strange dialogues but also on of the main points of the game, you can listen Alan Watts’ thoughts about things, universe, life… and some are really interesting. So, the main objective of the game is to experiment and become everything, while you listen those thoughts. Once finished, apparently you can start again selecting your first form. Here you can watch my first moments with the game, at first I was a bit confused with scale changes:

Apart from David OReilly, it must be noticed that the game was coded by Damien Di Fede and includes music by Ben Lukas Boysen.

And now comes the question. Is it a recommendable game? It’s hard to answer, because the game isn’t cheap and at first sight, looks really rough. Actually, I was interested before launch but when I saw the creatures’ animation, I waited to read some opinions which, a bit surprisingly were really positive. I still don’t have a proper opinion because I think that I still have a lot to discover. If I have to compare to something that I’ve actually played before, it would be Noby Noby Boy. If you like this kind of strange experiences, give it a try, but don’t expect something conventional.

As a bonus, the game has “Autoplay” option. If you leave the pad, the game plays by itself. I streamed live as an experiment, but wasn’t the best idea, game starts a bit slow so it was boring. Then, I took the pad, advanced a bit and changed some options the game gives (the frequency of scale change or creature/thing swap), it got a bit more interesting. Here you can watch complete stream, thinking about making another one:


3 thoughts on “Gameplay | Everything (2017)

  1. I keep learning about interesting games on your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write about them.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, means a lot. I try to write about different games, sometimes it’s difficult because I don’t have enought time, but reading these comments helps.

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