Moment | Batman Arkham Knight (2015) – Barbara Gordon

Arkham has been one of the biggest and more successuful sagas released during last years, with three main entries developed by Rocksteady Studios and a prequel developed by Warner Montreal Studios. Everything started with Arkham Asylum, a game that surprised everyone in 2009 bringing back Batman character to videogames after some not very successful games. A character that has been present in gaming since the 80s. Legendary company Ocean released at least three game I played, starting with 1986 classic Batman (a 3D isometric adventure developed by Jon Ritman), followed Batman: The Caped Crusader, a 2D adventure that tried to replicate comic book style and finishing in 1989 with Batman: The Movie, a licensed game (something usual for Ocean those days) that follows the story of Tim Burton’s movie. I should probably write about these games someday.

During the 90s multiple game were released different platforms, including different approaches of the second Batman movie, Batman Returns. I only played Super Nintendo version (via emulation), a great beat’em up by Konami, with a terrible driving level. I also remember trying SNES version of Batman & Robin Animated Adventures, another great game based on a series I love. The last entry I can remember is Batman Begins, a game published by Electronic Arts in 2005 when the first Christopher Nolan’s movie was released. I think there also was a cancelled project developed by now closed Pandemic Games.

So, as I always loved the character (and also games), was really interested with Arkham Asylum and bought it day one. I’m far from being an expert in the character or his universe, but I honestly think that the game captured many elements of it. From characters (even if I didn’t like art style), to the location, the riddles, and the database with all the information. The game also was really fun to play, with good combat gameplay (a bit basic, but with great ideas that other games copied later), nice sense of exploration, some original Scarecrow levels, correct use of backtracking and… a bit too exaggerated (but optional) “detective view”. Here, you can enjoy its opening.

Two years later, Rocksteady released a sequel called Arkham City, bigger in every sense, but not necessarily better. Don’t know how to explain it but the main problem I had was that I never felt comfortable travelling across the map, it was a strange feeling. Apart from that, the game was a blast, with more combat options, more characters, locations, unforgettable boss fights like Mr. Freeze’s one or Ra’s al Ghul levels … another great game that definitely confirmed the saga and its developer. Again, here, you can enjoy its opening and a little weird moment as a bonus.

While Rocksteady was finishing its trilogy’s closing game, another title was released, Arkham Origins, but I still have to play that one. Arkham Knight was finally released in June 2015 after a long delay but as those days I was struggling to have time to play The Witcher 3, I decided to wait and didn’t’ buy it until a recent sale. Right now, I’ve advanced a bit, but have to stop because all the great recent releases that I wanted to play (still trying to improve my backlog managing…). For what I’ve played, I find it a good game, even with the controversial use of Batmobile. The game plays good, looks phenomenal and has some great moments, from a nice and intriguing opening that I will share in the future to this little moment about Barbara Gordon that I really liked:


2 thoughts on “Moment | Batman Arkham Knight (2015) – Barbara Gordon

  1. I played the isometric Batman on my dad’s C64. Man it was so difficult.

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    1. I played Amstrad version and yes it was really difficult, too much for my age xD. But loved it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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