Gameplay | Disc Jam (2017)

Some weeks ago, while speaking about Neo Turf Masters, I mentioned another Neo Geo game, Windjammers, which is also seeing a re-release this year. Developed by classic company Data East and released in 1994 it was a fictional sports game, with some resemblances of table games like air hockey, where two players compete throwing a disc to the other player’s side and trying to score by reaching the goal behind the player. Simple mechanic, extremely addictive (especially with 2 human players).

Curiously, past week a game with a very similar idea was released for PC and PS4 after some time as an early access / beta game. The game is called “Disc Jam” and is the first game of High Horse Interactive, a team composed by two people. Compared to Windjammers, it has some changes, like game’s perspective (it’s played in a vertical view, not horizontal like the classic), 2 Vs. 2 in addition to 1 Vs. 1 and more options and choices when you throw the disc. The game is part of this month PS+ games and to be honest, the game is really funny but right now it’s a bit short on content for today’s standards. They’ve promised to add more content and they’re working hard fixing connection problems (with 4 patches in just a week, a lot for such a small team). There are 4 different characters to choose, you can play matches offline (with other players) or online and that’s all. There’s no single player content apart from tutorial and free mode (where you play alone). And there aren’t online rankings or leagues right now. The base is good and hope they improve it in the future.

For now, here you can watch two 1 Vs. 1 online matches I played yesterday. I improve a bit in the second one and there are some intense moments:


3 thoughts on “Gameplay | Disc Jam (2017)

  1. I downloaded this one (because FREE!) but I don’t see me playing it all that much. The lack of features isn’t pulling me in.

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    1. Agree, tried the beta and they haven’t add much more content. I think it has been released a bit early. Hope they can add more content and modes in the future. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. I too have taken advantage of the free download, but have yet to play it. The gameplay looks fun, but based on what you have written it is barebones on feature. It will need more content to compete against stuff like Rocket League.

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