Moment | The Last Guardian (2016) – The Truth Behind Trico

I finished The Last Guardian yesterday, after stopping around halfway. Once I started playing again, couldn’t stop because the second part of the game is much more intense and emotional and wanted to know how was going to end. But today I’m not going to speak about the end, that’s a story for another post. Today, I’m going to share certain moment that was really touching but also clarifying. From this point, I would recommend to stop reading if you haven’t finished the game.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed The Last Guardian. Yes, sometimes controls aren’t the best and you feel that Trico isn’t responding to your orders (it’s a bit intentional, that gives Trico more personality). Obviously, the game is beautiful, probably not the best game technically (framerate suffers, some details reveal it started as a PS3 project), but the art, the lighting and the setting build an incredible visual experience, with many stunning and mesmerizing moments. The game also has a great music, maybe not at the beginning, but later, when the game goes epic, the music is spectacular. And finally we had Trico, probably one of the best and most fascinating digital creations we have seen in a game. Trico feels alive, with lots of details, gestures, sounds, the way he looks at you … Trico makes, along with all the rest of the elements, this journey an unforgettable experience.

Note: captures from updated The Last Guardian Gallery

Speaking about the story, I really like how is developed. Everything about your character and Trico is a mystery, you’ve some clues, but you’re not sure. During the game, you strengthen you relationship with Trico and in the end, you really feel his pain as it was yours and also you clearly see how he protects you. There’s certain scene near the end where I was suffering just watching Trico attacked and trying to help him. But this beautiful story is marked by how everything started. And that is told in the game with two flashbacks. First one is short and confusing. You arrive to a room where Trico loses its control and attacks you:

Those flashes tell part of the previous story that is finally clarified in the following moment. First, you arrive to a beautiful place. Well, there are many of them in this game, but don’t know why I stopped some minutes, took captures and enjoyed it when I first arrived there. Then, you get to a room similar to the previous one where the flashback happened. What follows, it’s both a revelation but also a very emotional moment. And, big spoiler, it’s the only time when you directly control Trico. I was so confused that didn’t noticed it at first. And now, please enjoy this gaming moment:


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