Classic | Neo Turf Masters (1996)

I obviously never had a Neo Geo, the console where you can play all the arcade games based on Neo Geo hardware at home but at a cost: more than 300 € for game, with inflation rate, it will be today’s 600 € more or less. I remember playing World Heroes 2 (loved character designs) or Art of Fighting 2 (that was hard) at arcades.

Around 1999 and thanks to emulation it was easy (and yes, illegal) to play those games and tried many of them. Curiously the one that most played was a game that never heard before: Neo Turf Masters by Nazca, the company that also developed the all-time classic Metal Slug. I also played a lot Windjammers (which is also releasing soon for PS4 and Vita) and Street Hoop, another great classic. Neo Turf Masters is a golf game and its gameplay is classic, after selecting the direction, with one push you select power and with another one you hit the ball. Simple, but loved it, probably because always loved the genre. Its gameplay isn’t as deep as my beloved Everybody’s Golf / Hot Shot Golf, but was nice for a sprite based game of 1996.

The game gives you the chance of selecting between 6 different golfers and 4 different courses. With one credit, you can play 3 holes, and you can play more if you get birdies or eagles, but you also lose the chance with bogeys. The game features a classic stroke play for 1 or 2 players and match play for 2 players.

The game was recently released as arcade classic for PS4 in America and since today it’s also available in Europe and for Xbox One Worldwide. In Europe it has been released for 6.99 €, and apart from classic game (both English and Japanese versions) you can set different options (you can see some of them on the following video). The game also features Trophies / Achievements, but there aren’t very interesting and also online ranks, but they’re a bit simple, just your best result and didn’t even distinguish between curses. But after many years, it has been great to play it again, here you can watch a live gameplay just streamed:


2 thoughts on “Classic | Neo Turf Masters (1996)

  1. €6.99 is much more affordable that the game’s original price. I don’t know anyone who owned the Neo Geo due to its insane pricing.

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