Gameplay | Nioh (2017)

Short entry (for now). Just streamed the first minutes of Nioh, the new game by Team Ninja recently released. A game with a really long and problematic development that finally has arrived and surprised everyone because it’s great. The game has been polished thanks to its alfa and beta demos during past year. I tried both a bit and even if I’m really bad playing “Souls-like” games, I always feel the need to play them. I never finish them (at least, for now), but I enjoy every single minute, every fight, every dead.

The first moments of the game feel great, hope the game holds well. I was playing in arcade mode, less graphic fidelity but better framerate:

Note: featured image from Internet, not own capture. Didn’t like the one with the game title and still don’t have good in-game captures



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  1. Been playing this recently and finding it bloody hard work! But I’m loving it!

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  2. I have never finished a Souls game either, although I did manage to best Bloodbourne. I doubt I would fare any better with Nioh, as Team Ninja aren’t exactly known for their easy titles.

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