Levels | Gravity Rush 2 (2017)

Gravity Rush 2 is the last game released by SIE Japan and if you have followed me a bit during last month, you’ll already know that I’m having a lot of fun with it. Directed by Keiichiro Toyama (Silent Hill, Siren), this sequel takes all that I loved in the first game and makes it not just bigger, but also better. The game looks stunning, art is beautiful and original, the story is interesting and has some great characters, Kat and Raven especially. Gameplay is great, specially travelling across the open world of the game (something many open world game lack). As a negative point, combat can be sometimes chaotic and camera doesn’t help

The game structures between story missions (near thirty of them) and secondary activities (missions, challenges). Usually secondary missions are a bit cheap but here I’m founding some really interesting ones, long and with nice story archs. The game also has some other activities, like treasure hunting (with online photo hints of other players) or just taking captures with in-game camera, something I’m really addicted. Here you can enjoy a gallery with those captures.

Today, I’m sharing here three consecutive story missions, each of one for different reasons. Maybe in the future I’ll share more or just some  moments. I’m also preparing a landscapes video I expect to finish soon, but don’t want to monopolize the blog with Kat xD. Spoilers, of course:

Episode 6: Separate Tables

If you watch the video, this episode / mission starts really light, almost silly, just fullfiling tasks for the rich people of the city. But at the end, you discover what is happening, you will have to take a decision and fight, with a surprising appearance to close the episode. I also like how the mission makes you go across all the scenary, from the top rich people, to the market and then to the poorest area of the city.

Episode 7: Wandering Heart

After previous surprise, Kat will go to investigate what is happening with Raven. She will follow her to discover the true and then there are two great fights. Spectacular, I really like all the interactions with surrounding objects.

Episode 8: Like a Radio

This episode has one of the best moments of the game, watch the video and discover it. A red apple fell from sky…


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