Gameplay | Sky Force Anniversary (2015-2016)

I like to mix game genres, so apart from the big, often story heavy titles, I regularly play games with more arcade oriented gameplay. I grew up during 80s, so always liked classic genres, specially, shoot’em ups, and more specifically, vertical ones. Well, horizontal ones also have a special part on my gaming heart, but more on that later this year. I’ve very fond memories of games las 1942 and 1943 (this game is really similar to this saga), SWIV, Battle Squadron… unfortunately, not as may as I would like (Xenon 2 anyone?). Last year, I saw this game released for PS4 and now, seeing it was on sale (around 3.50 €), I decided to give it a chance.

Sky Force Anniversary is the last entry of a saga that started in 2004 with a Symbian release, later ported to other formats, mainly mobile platforms. All the versions were developed by Polish company Infinite Dreams Inc. and in 2014 they released Sky Force 2014 for Android and iOS as F2P game. This game is the base of Sky Force Anniversary, a game released for Steam in  2015 and in 2016 for consoles. The game follows classic gameplay, but with some twist. To progress to next level you’ve to complete certain objectives, like defeating all the enemies, rescuing all  the hostages or not being hit. The game also has a permanent upgrade system using the stars you collect.

The game also has daily challenges, something I really like and thanks to cross-buy, I will be able to play them on Vita. Here you can enjoy some gameplay, streamed live yesterday, still a bit early to have a proper impression, but for what I’ve play and price, I think that is a good choice if you like this kind of games:


2 thoughts on “Gameplay | Sky Force Anniversary (2015-2016)

  1. I played a fair chunk of this on the iPhone last summer and found it pretty damn hard. Looks and plays great though.

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    1. I’m still a bit early, just unlocked 4 of the 8 (or 9) levels. But yes, looking at the requirements to unlock stages, it can be a bit difficult. We’ll see xD. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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