Gallery | Bound (2016)

I usually feel a bit unsecure about the content I share. It’s a bit ridiculous, because not many people watch or read what I publish, but I always try to share what I really want to share. Between the content I prepared but I felt that it was still incomplete, there was a gallery about Bound, one of the most unique game released past year. I already posted some impressions and gameplay and was waiting to play it again to complete a proper gallery. If I play the game again in the near future, I will continue updating it (embedded Flickr help a lot). For example, I still continue uploading captures of Driveclub, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us (just added Left Behind Gallery) or… PS4 Loading Screens. This also helps me to maintain a bit of variety between posts, right now I’ve a lot of content of Gravity Rush 2 or Yakuza 0, but I don’t want to monopolize the blog. I will upload some new videos or create new Flick galleries, but blog posts will come, sometimes, later.

And back to Bound, please enjoy this beautiful game. Captures are mostly from game’s Photo Mode, probably the best I’ve tried, lots of options and almost completely free camera. And yes, in movement this game is also something special



4 thoughts on “Gallery | Bound (2016)

  1. Bound certainly looks pretty. I’ve heard the controls aren’t great though.

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    1. Right now I can’t remember having problems with controls, but it’s true that gameplay is a bit special. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. Pictures are pretty, but you need to see the game in motion to truly appreciate it’s greatness. It’s one of the most visually striking games I played last year. An absolute marvel to behold.

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    1. Yes, already shared a gameplay video when the game was released and it’s stunning. This time I wanted to share some captures because the game also has one of the best photo modes out there. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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