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I’m having a great time right now, playing some new releases combined with some titles from my backlog. There are so many promising games coming between January and April that I’ve to postpone some of them and focus in certain titles. That will also make maintaining blog publishing rhythm a bit more difficult, but I will try. Right now I’m playing Gravity Rush 2. I loved first one, this is even better and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll be suffering my constant tweets with captures and short videos. As it’s taking longer than expected, I’m going to play it simultaneously with Yakuza 0, they’re different enough so I won’t have problems. And I’m happy I did this way, physical edition of Yakuza 0 seems to be sold out in many places and will probably  become hard to find in the future (also, I got it at a great price). Yes, I know, Resident Evil 7 was also released past week, but I’ll try to play later, mostly because time constraints, but also because I already found the demo too scary  for me. So, let’s talk about Yakuza.

Yakuza 0 Zero Intro

First game of this long series was released for PS2 in 2005 and was Toshihiro Nagoshi’s creation (even if he wasn’t the director), well known as director of Daytona USA. I played first Yakuza a bit on PS2, but was with PS3 release of Yakuza 3 when my interested for the saga picked but… never properly played them, so the release of this game and the remake of the first one (Kiwami) next Summer are the perfect excuse to finally properly play this saga. With Yakuza we witness the beginning of Kazuma Kiryu’s story, main character (but not the only playable character of the saga). The game’s story is vast, with lot of characters and background, so I’m not going to try to explain it. As for the gameplay, the game is a beat’em up at heart, mixed with a good story, some open world touches and a lot of side missions and mini-games. Next video, longer than usual, sets well everything. You can see story development, some tutorials and fights and a bit of karaoke, one of the classic mini-games of the saga. Unfortunately, wasn’t able to enter the Sega Arcades, this game comes with complete versions of Out Run, Space Harrier, Super Hang On and Fantasy Zone.


2 thoughts on “Gameplay | Yakuza 0 Zero

  1. I bought Yakuza 0 the other day and have sunk a couple of hours into it. Seems like a really good game. Reminds me of GTA, but with driving removed to focus more on melee combat. The mafia story is cool. I like gangster stuff ever since watching Scarface and Gungrave.

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