Feature | Art of Gravity Rush (2012/2015)

Gravity Rush was released for Vita in 2012 and was my first game along with Uncharted: The Golden Abyss.  Directed by Silent Hill and Siren creator Keiichiro Toyama (can’t believe he was born in 1978… directed Silent Hill with 20 years), the game presents the story of Kat, an amnesic girl that wakes up in a floating city and with am strange cat (she called him Dusty) alongside. Here you can enjoy the intro:

Gravity Rush Intro

After that, she will soon discover that (thanks to the cat) she have the power to alter the gravity so it doesn’t affect her in the same way that other people. From that point, she will advance in the adventure, helping the citizen and discovering things about her past and the creatures that attack the city. The ending is a bit open but thankfully, this week we’re going to enjoy the sequel that closes the story of Kat. Can’t wait to play it.

When the original game was released, there was one unquestionable great point: the art by Yoshiaki Yamaguchi and all the art and character team (Shunsuke Saito, Takeshi Oga). Character and environment design was amazing, with great attention to detail. Probably, being an original PlayStation 3 development (then transferred to Vita) helped having those great production values. The game includes a really vast selection of art you can watch from the menu, so I decide to share it here, at least part of it.


Gravity Rush™ Remastered_20170115211126


Gravity Rush™ Remastered_20170115211153


Gravity Rush™ Remastered_20170115211857


2 thoughts on “Feature | Art of Gravity Rush (2012/2015)

  1. The sequel is nearly here. Let’s see if it pays off that ending you mention.

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