Feature | 10 Years of the Last Ridge Racer

Well, post’s title isnt’ completely true, but there never was (and, unfortunately never will) a true Ridge Racer 8 and next games of the franchise were big disappointments, with maybe the exception of 3DS release.

I wasn’t thinking about writing about it or sharing some gameplay videos and didn’t notice its 10th Anniversary (and also, PS3’s) was so close when I, finally, bought this game past September for around 3 €. Ridge Racer is a classical game saga, especially on PlayStation, that, unfortunately, right now is almost dead. In the past, every single Sony console came with a new Ridge Racer game, but that changed with PS4 release. Time has changed, arcade racing games aren’t having its best moment and Ridge Racer isn’t the strong franchise it was.

This version is really similar, almost a port, of the Xbox 360 version released a year before. PS3 was released one year later than Microsoft’s console (even more in Europe) so this title, with others, marked a change in the usual paradigm of third party exclusives. Visually can feel simple, but I like its style and the fact the game is running 1080p and 60 fps, specs not usual in PS3. But most import thing it’s that I’m having a lot of fun with it. I was never very into Ridge Racer, but lately I was enjoying PSP version.

I remember playing original arcade version and even more, I was lucky to see in person (but not playing) “Full Scale” version, which included a real car. But never played it in PlayStation. When I got a PS2, Gran Turismo 3 was already available and that was my choice (even if they’re not comparable). And with PS3, my release arcade racing game was MotorStorm. But now, years later, I’m having a great time, first with Type 4, then with first PSP game and now with Ridge Racer 7.

I’m playing the main single player mode called “Ridge State Grand Prix”, where you have to beat some consecutive races, gaining point to finish in the 1st place at the end of all the races. There are other single player modes (UFRA Single Event, Extreme Battle… even some downloadable events) but still have to play them. Obviously, online part of the game is almost dead (I’ve seen one or two active rooms), but you still have Leaderboard and the chance to challenge best online times of each car and track with “Global Time Attack” mode. The game features 22 tracks and more than 40 cars, with some customization options.

Note: sorry for video quality, I don’t have a HDMI capture device for PS3 and couldn’t set it to 1080p (some problems with TV input). I will try to improve for a coming soon “Daytona USA” feature.


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