Opening | Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004)

With today’s post, all the fourth first Metal Gear Solid games will be featured in “Openings” category. I think that this detail says a lot about Hideo Kojima’s ability to set the tone of a game from the very first moment. Everybody remembers the underwater arrival to Shadow Moses, watching Snake running and jumping from George Washington bridge under the rain or “War has changed” tagline with the melancholic music while arriving to a war zone.

For some, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was a little disappointment, in part because Raiden was the main character during most of the game and also because all the crazy stuff in the last part of the game. For me it was special. It was the first Metal Gear Solid I played properly (I played a bit of the original, but didn’t have a PlayStation, bought it later to play thanks to PS2 backward compatibility). It also was a Birthday gift and that’s always something special. And finally, I didn’t have many games so I played it multiple times, enjoying each of them. The game also has some great moments I’d like to share here one day.

After that, rumors of the next game started. The “jungle” setting at first, later the era (1960s)… everything pointing to another character, the original Big Boss, so the interest raised. Kojima also promised some changes in gameplay, including some survival aspects and more open approach. I followed the development with great interest, even with some big spoilers (something that I avoid today) and when it was finally released in November 2004 (March 2005 in Europe), the game was an absolute blast. Great setting, story, characters, boss duels, sense of big journey and an amazing ending.

More than a year later (especially in Europe), it was released and extended three DVD edition called “Subsistence” which included a new third person gameplay camera (that completely changed the game), some additional modes related with Ape Escape, online modes and the two original Metal Gear games. The game saw later ports to 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360 and Vita.

After some years since my last playthrough, preparing this post has increased my interest replaying this game when I’ve some time. Thinking about the duel with The End, the motorcycle chase, the ending fight and the ending credits while playing “Way to Fall”… there are game that remain  For now, enjoy the very first minutes of the game:

I had doubts about when to cut the opening, so I’ve decided to show just until you land. Then the map opens (it’s more spectacular on the Subsistance version and later ports because of the free 3D camera and movement) and some radio converstations starts, including the introduction of the Boss. I think how this first introductory mission (Virtuous Mission) ends and the following credits could be great material for another entry.

Note: Captured from PS3 HD version.


2 thoughts on “Opening | Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004)

  1. I never completed this game, but thanks to the Subsistence extras I was able to enjoy the story. One of the discs was pretty much an extended movie made up of cut scenes. I watched it all one day whilst sick in bed.

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  2. Each of the first four MGS games have a special place in my heart, too. I think you’re right, each has a really strong start. The gradual reveal of Snake/Big Boss in each game is perfect, and the camera work on each of the openings looks like it’s come straight out of Hollywood (MGS1’s submersible entrance is taken from John Carpenter’s Escape from L.A, for example!)

    MGS 3’s opening had a tough job: be new, be different, but be familiar. The spectacular skydive was perfect.

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