Gameplay | Dragon Quest Builders (2016) – Demo

First, I’ve to clarify that I’ve never played Minecraft, not even tried the demo. I can understand why can the people find this game interesting and addictive (surviving, crafting and building), but I never was interested. I also have read that Dragon Quest Builders isn’t exactly a copy of Minecraft, but it’s a comparison that is logical since it was announced. But even with this background, I really wanted to try the game (Dragon Quest classical designs help) and fortunately past week Square Enix released a demo (both for PS4 and Vita).

And this demo has convinced me to buy it day one, even if I know that I will have to invest a lot of time on it (and still have to finish No Man’s Sky). The demo is long, I still have to fight some big enemies and have already clocked more than an hour and a half. It’s mostly a long tutorial, based on little quests you receive from the first NPCs you met. You learn the basics of fighting, building and crafting and you start discovering the beautiful (blocky) world of the game. The building part looks promising and I think I’m going to expend a lot of time with it, this video by Square Enix shows it well. The game has also a story, it’s light and typical, but for me is a good addition than makes progression more satisfying. As always, I’m not the best with words, so here you have my first (very long) minutes with Dragon Quest Builders:


2 thoughts on “Gameplay | Dragon Quest Builders (2016) – Demo

  1. Very nice! I’ve never played Minecraft either, but I’m actually a little excited about Dragon Quest Builders. I still have to try the demo myself!

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  2. I tried Minecraft and didn’t like it, but Dragon Quest Builders fixes the parts that I had issue with, so I’m definitely going to try it out. Recognizable monsters and characters and having quests were just good to see. The demo had a sort of humor to it that reminded of so many JRPGs past. May not get it day one, but I’m planning to get it.

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