Gameplay | Virginia (Multi, 2016)

Virginia, developed by Variable State, is a new light adventure game or, as developers call it, “First person interactive drama”. Game’s main character is a recently graduated FBI agent and who partners another agent to investigate a young boy’s disappearance in Kingdom, a small town of Virginia, in the Summer of 1992. Developer’s mention references like X-Files or Twin Peaks, and certainly, some points, like the setting, the atmosphere, the music (composed by Lyndon Holland) and the mix of suspense and inexplicable events.

To be honest, I’ve just finished the game and I’m confused, but I’m sure that I’m going to think about the story, the details I’ve missed for some days and will probably play it again and will rewrite this post. The game has some strange moments, plays with dreams, visions, “what if” scenarios, plays with constant jumps between places in a very filmic touch… It’s hard to explain (and don’t want to spoil it), it’s really open to interpretations. It’s also important to point that the game has no dialogues, not spoken or written, the story is told with characters expressions, sounds, music, ambience.

Compared to similar titles (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Firewatch, Gone Home), I was surprised because the game is less interactive. There aren’t many elements to interact, so it’s even more linear. I also feel the game a bit rough with camera movements (I played PS4 version). But apart from that, I think it’s a really interesting game. Some can say that with so little interactivity it’s better just to watch it in YouTube. Maybe, but I like to play this kind of games, with my own pace and discovering them by myself. And the game has been released with a great price, 10 € (I paid 9 € with PS+ discount). It’s similar to what you pay to go to see a movie.

Here you can see the first minutes of the game. As I’ve said, the game is short, so I’ve decided to cut a bit early, game gets more interesting (and bizarre) later. I also prefer not to share complete playthrough, I really think it’s better to play it:


3 thoughts on “Gameplay | Virginia (Multi, 2016)

  1. If it is inspired by Twin Peaks and left you confused it probably achieved its goal.

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    1. Yes, some scenes are really similar, for example the one in the bar has the same mood that the one in “Fire walk with me”. Some parts of the story are clear, but others are more open to interpretation. And I think that’s great.

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