Gameplay | RIVE (Multi, 2016)

First a bit of history. In March 2016 Two Tribes announced that they were going to release their new game RIVE in September and, after that, they will finish their career as game developers after 15 years. They never were a big developer and already had to reboot the studio in 2014, but their Toki Tori saga had some success (still have to play it, looks interesting). Unfortunately it’s becoming usual to see game studios’ closures, but this was different for being announced months in advance. Apart from that, the game really interested me because I love shoot’em ups.

This week they’ve released the game and I’ve to say that I’m really enjoying it. It’s a space shoot’em up but has a lot of twists. First one, platforming. Even if you start the game in space, with asteroids (the game has a lot of references to other games), early on you enter a big space station, with gravity, so you have to jump and shoot. It’s a twin stick shooter so you can shoot in 360-degrees, but sometimes the game has a change and you can only shoot in one direction horizontally (and in one moment, you can’t even shoot at all). You can advance at your own rhythm, but some levels have the forced moving scroll of classical game. And it also adds the ability to hack little robots, that can restore your health or fight along you.

Put it that way, it can sound a bit confusing, but works great and makes the game really varied and interesting. You can also improve your ship, with special weapons (rockets, short range powerful weapon), better armour… And, well, the game is hard (at least for me). I’m dying a lot, sometimes can be frustrating, but focusing and  learning enemies routines, helps a lot. For example, I think I’ve to try this part 15 times before beating it, but after that, you feel great:

And the game looks great, as you can see in the previous screens. The game mixes “relaxed” moments with chaotic ones, with lots of enemies, explosions, effects… it’s really spectacular, as you can see in this other short video:

I’ve read that the game is a bit short, but I can tell, still have to finish it and already clocked more than two hours. The game also features leaderboards and two additional modes after finishing the game: Speedrun and One Credit. Finally, here you can enjoy around 50 minutes of live gameplay, streamed at 60 fps for better showing of the game so you can have a better idea of it:


6 thoughts on “Gameplay | RIVE (Multi, 2016)

  1. Very interesting! The platforming shooter idea intrigues me. It’s a little confusing, but you did a good job explaining the system! It indeed looks great too, based on the screenshots. Nice recommendation!

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    1. Thanks! Still have to improve my writing, sometimes I find difficult to express the ideas correctly, I’ll continue practising, I’ve to redo old posts, they were merely a line.

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      1. I meant more that the game itself seemed confusing, not your writing, haha.

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      2. Yes, I know, that’s what I’ve understand from your message, that game can be confusing. No problem xD. But alsoI reckon that my writing can be confusing when I try to explain something complex, English isn’t my first language after all. Thanks!

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  2. Shame that the team is calling it a day on video game creation. Sounds like they left on a high though.

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    1. Yes, it always sad to hear about a game developer that closes. And RIVE isn’t perfect but it’s a good game.

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