Level | Max Payne 3 (Multi, 2012) – Airport (Chapter 14 and Ending)

First, I’ve taken a few more days than expected to make a new post. I’ve been busy playing games: more No Man’s Sky, finishing Uncharted 4 for the second time (loved even more), taking tons of captures and playing the Multiplayer a lot, I continue with Grow Up, I’ve just finished the main campaign of The Division… but never felt I had something to share. So I prefer not to. This kind of breaks are sometimes planned, but this time just happened. I prefer not to force myself, this is a hobby, a nice hobby. But I’m slowly back and Fall is full of new games and also some that still are on my backlog (I’m also rethinking my future purchases).

Another more collateral thing, I think I’m going to focus more on what I’m playing that on what is coming. I think is better. The impact here will be little (probably just the post about E3), but in Twitter will be more relevant. This is about the games I play (or have played in the past), and that’s is going to be the focus. I also love to use Twitter to thank the game creators or share great videos people have created (about games, of course), it’s a great tool when used properly.

And now, let’s talk about games. I recorded this past July, when I finished the game, but I’ve postponed it until now. To be honest, I already uploaded a more controversial material, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s “No Russian”, but I didn’t feel to comfortable publishing this at that moment.

Max Payne 3 was released in 2012 after a long development and was the first game of the series not developed by Remedy. This time it was developed as a collaboration between different studios of the group. In the past, I played but never finished first two games (Stream sales, you know how it often works). This time, and continuing with my efforts to focus, I finished it. The game follows the usual paths of the saga, a third person shooter with heavy presence of Bullet Time mechanics. This effects are mixed in this third entry with lots of more physical interaction, environmental destruction and great simulated animations thanks to NaturalMotions’ Euphoria. This make every shooting unique and really spectacular, with great moments. In a game where shootings are the core, this is great.

I really didn’t find the story very interesting, it was a bit typical, but was enough to push me forward. The other thing I didn’t like were the video effects continuously added, both to gameplay and scenes. Think about movies like Man on Fire by Tony Scott but more exaggerated.  But even with those problems, I enjoyed the game (I bought it cheap) and I’ve to reckon that the game has some great moments and levels. I’ve chosen the last one (so, spoilers of the ending), because it mixes all the mechanics you learn during the game, is really varied and has an amazing song, “Tears” by Health. Here all the level (and part of the credits), captured from PS3 version:


3 thoughts on “Level | Max Payne 3 (Multi, 2012) – Airport (Chapter 14 and Ending)

  1. I ended up buying No Man’s Sky and am enjoying it. From the few hours I have played I can however see why the repetitive nature of exploration could put some people off.

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    1. I’m playing once or twice a week, around an hour and a half each time and that makes it less repetitive, but I understand the criticism of that aspect. But the game has some magical moments.

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      1. I am doing something similar. I’ll play between 30min to 1 hour a day. That way I feel that I am making progress without getting tired of doing similar tasks.

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