Gameplay | Bound (PS4, 2016)

As I continue to alternate different kind of games (still playing and updating No Man’s Sky logbook), this week I’ve started Bound, the new game by Plastic which previously released Linger in Shadows and Dathura. For what I’ve read, because never played them, they were a bit special games, almost tech demos with little gameplay mechanics.

Bound was announced past year, during PlayStation Experience in December, and the impressions from the attendants were really positive. The trailer looked stunning, the dance movements of the main character were original and it appeared to be a bit more gameplay focused than their previous games. I was interested because I usually enjoy these games that are a bit light or simple from a gameplay point of view (and also short), especially if they’re as beautiful as this. Something similar happened recently with ABZÛ, a game that I liked, calm and relaxing from the most part. Fortunately, and contrary to other big and small titles, the wait hasn’t been too long and we can already play the game.

I’ve to reckon that my first moments with the game were a bit confusing (playing a bit tired isn’t the best of ideas) and as still haven’t finished it, don’t know what’s the story the game is trying to tell. But I played a bit more yesterday and the experience was fairly better. For now, the game is linear even if you can explore a bit, the game shows you clues changing the camera. The gameplay implies some not very punishing platforming, executed with dance movements that look incredible, some interaction with elements that you’ve to guess because there’s no indication and protecting yourself (again, dancing) from some environmental menaces. Apparently, because isn’t explained, you choose the level in a notebook with some childish drawings, but I still have to play more to get to a conclusion, and will probably edit this post a bit later.

As another positive point, I’ve found the game has a photo mode (I missed it during my first minutes). If you’ve already seen another posts, I love this option. And Bound’s implementation is probably the best I’ve ever seen, with an amazing camera freedom (the game dissolves the walls not to block the view) and options. Obviously, a post with a gallery will come in the future.

Finally, here you can enjoy the video with my first 30 minutes of the game. I recorded it live, it’s not the best quality but this week there was a special reason to make it this way: it’s streamed at 60 fps (first time for me on PS4) and I think this game really shines better with smoother framerate because all the main’s character animation. For now, streaming live is the only way to get this, hope this changes in the future.


10 thoughts on “Gameplay | Bound (PS4, 2016)

  1. Ooooh I forgot that this just came out! I first saw Bound at E3 and was mesmerized! Can’t wait to play it! Think I’ll download it tonight. Thanks for sharing your experiences with it.

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      1. Thank you for linking! I had similar childhood experiences as those in Bound so this was a very personal game for me, which I think is what they wanted.

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  2. I am really captivated by Bound, the artstlye resonates with me. While it is not the greatest platformer out there, the animations alone make this game stand out. I haven’t finished it either but am curious to see where the story is going. Also it has one of the best rain-atmospheres in recent memory.

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    1. Can’t wait to read your final impressions, I think once you finish it, you want to play it again to look at some missing details, new paths… Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      1. Finished it last night and you are indeed right about wanting to dive back in straight away. Really outstanding game.

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  3. I haven’t tried it. Should definitely give it a try though 😀 Thank you


    1. Probably not as emotional as Journey, but its music and art are amazing. It’s available for PS4, PC and Xbox One. And thanks for reading and commenting!


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