Feature | No Man’s Sky (Multi, 2016) – Logbook

Today I start this special feature about one of the most talked games of last years. Since the very first moment the game was announced in December 2013, I was immediately interested on it because, as I already commented many times, it was like the game I dreamt many years ago. I always wanted to start on the ground and fly seamlessly to the space or another planets.

It took a bit longer than expected, but finally it’s here, released this week for PC and PS4. Developed by Hello Games, the small team behind Joe Danger series, the games creates an almost infinite universe filled with planets, moons, stars, vegetation, creatures… You start the game in the border of the universe/galaxy, stranded in a planet and you have to survive, explore, trade and fight to fulfill your mission: get to the center of the universe/galaxy. Technically, the game isn’t the most beautiful out there, but considering the scope, how the game creates everything on the fly and PS4 limitations (is close to its third year), I think it works well.

Don’t know how long this logbook will be or even if I’ll meet game’s goal before I finish it, but for now, I’m going to write about every day (game session), sharing captures, short videos and my very personal impressions. I’m also streaming it, but they’re probably going to be a bit boring, I’m using this option mostly to document all the journey without being worried to capture videos (with PS4 15 minutes per video limit) and fill the HDD.


My journey starts and I’m a little nervous. As I go across solar systems I’m wondering where I will be, it will be a great beautiful planet or a dangerous one. No more time to think about it, here we go.

Planet – Nutsubamisum

I wake in what looks like a bit desertic planet, with strange flora, and I can see some caves around. Apparently, temperature is too high and apart from my life support, I’ve to check my protection. I’m given the first decision, start the adventure freely or follow Atlas Path, I choose the second one because I prefer this first moments to be more guided. My ship is broken and a robotic voice guides my first steps. I have to fix the ship crafting some materials and I’m focusing on it for two reasons. First, because I want to know how it feels flying from this planet to space. And second, because I want to find a more beautiful planet. So, I start mining around but suddenly some sentinels attack me. I try to fight them but between my lack of shooting accuracy and the little power of my weapon, I die. Great, I died in less than 10 minutes. I’m back and I go to my own grave so I can recover the materials I mined before. I repair the scanner and analysis visor, now I can view and analyse distant objetcts. I locate a big Henirium rock but when I’m around, system crashes. Great, what a start.

Well, everything is up and running again. Back to work trying to have the ship operational as soon as possible. I go across a cave (it looks alien, but with beautiful colors) and I start to be amazed by the scale of the planet. This is massive. I’m learning the basics slowly, get materials, craft new ones, refill life support and protection. Fortunately, right now the presence of sentinels is minimum and I haven’t found aggressive creatures. But I also can’t see any water, sea or ocean, I will have to fly to know if it’s completely dry.

Inventory isn’t very big, so from the start I try to fight my usual trend to accumulate everything. Learning to send items to the ship, to mantain live and protection levels high. I continue following the path to complete the tasks and fix the ship, but I also find other things, abandoned stations, locations where you can learn the system’s language… I’m a bit surprised because I didn’t expected so many discoveries. It also suprises me the dawn, it’s beautiful, even in a almost barren planet. Finally, I repair the ship and start flying, what an amazing sensation. Going from the terrain to space is something unforgettable.

I see an space station but when I’m heading it, suddenly the system detects a beacon signal and I follow it.

Moon – Mezaeinteck

I land in the moon, another desertic place. Why is the beaco on the top of the rock? After some failed attempts to land over the rock, I finally reach it using the jet pack. Another signal, this time from the outpost, time to go there. I find an alien that gives me the blueprint to build a Hyperdrive, something that will help me to leave this system and continue my travel fastly to the center of the universe. When I leave the outpost, night is fallen and a creature attacks me. I fight, and this time I win.

Flying again through space, the vistas are stunning, watching the sun behind the planets and moon, the dark and light parts of the surface. Time to go to the space station, where I will start building my hyperdrive. And then back to Nutsubamisum to get some materials.

This first day ends and it has been intense. I was so focused I took little photos, so I can’t illustrate this first day with more captures. But you can check my video archives with all the details recorded. I also have forgotten to upload my discoveries, time to make a checklist so I won’t forget the tasks on my second day. But as you can’t, apparently, rename them once you’ve upload them and I took the conscious decision of not discoveries during my first moments to be more focused (and because I lack enough imagination xD), that mistake has been for the better.

Maybe I should have taken it more calmly, but I was a little anxious to finish first tasks and fly away. From now, I will probably move more slowly and try to enjoy every little moment… but also want to discover more planets, can’t wait to see oceans, green fields, big creatures, space fights… Adventure just started.

On a side note, I don’t like the option to scan close players’ discoveries. It can be logical, in the end everybody is uploading them to a central computer, both in game’s universe and in real life. So, in some ways, you should be able to know what others have discovered, but I’d prefer going on my own and think that I’m going to be the first and only visitor of a planet, that’s something that blows my mind. Related to this, I understand the criticisms towards Sean Murray and Hello Games regarding all the online options, because they weren’t clear about this point. For me, being able to play together and see each other in this game has zero importance, but I can see it’s an important for others. We’ll see how this ends, but always prefer people to be clear and honest.

And now, back to the adventure. Stay tuned for Day 2! I will stream it tonight and share impressions here tomorrow.


Planet – Nutsubamisum (Renamed BagaLehorra)

I continue my adventure. First thing, I rename and upload some of my discoveries so I can link my name to them on central computer and get some more credits. Now, I continue with my actual task, trying to finish the hyperdrive. I need some material as for I’ve already learned, that rock in the horizon is what I need.

Now I have to go to an outpost where an alien gives me antimatter and I learn how to build a warp cell needed to jump to other system. Before leaving it, I visit another planet.

Planet – Dulinskyviu (Renamed BagaHutsa)

It’s probably the most barren I’ve found. At least, it has some appearently abandoned bases (you still can found some aliens) and some views are nice. Watching the sun appearing, other planets on the sky. As someone who enjoys just watching landscapes, is a plus. Back to space, some flying, time to leave the system.

Hyperdrive ready and charged, I open the map. It’s a bit difficult to navigate and as I’m following Atlas path, there is only one destination. It’s possible to move freely around the map and make your own adventure, but for now, I’ll continue playing it safe. New system, here I go.

Planet – Yelsrusantjali

First planet is lifeless, no flora and lacking fauna. I know I’m not expending long times on last planets, but I’m a little anxious to find a planet full of life.I see another planet on the horizon and apparently, there is a manufacturing facility.

Planet – Iamoorahls IK324

Finally, some water so I try to lad and it’s raining… but if planet data is right, there’s no fauna here (but rich flora). And the rain is toxic, no comment xD. I test a bit the water, but I think my equipment isn’t ready for big sub-aquatic adventures. Time to go to the manufacturing facility. Following the game’s path is teaching me the basics, hope I can remember everything if I decide to start a new free adventure in the future.

The facility’s door is closed, so I’ve to craft a new more powerful weapon to destroy it. When I shoot, some sentinels appear but this time, I win the fight. Inside the facility I learn antimatter formula. I explore a bit a near cave, but soon a header to another planet. This looks promising, but I’m intercepted and destroyed by space pirates. Back to the space station, I know I’ve to improve my space fighting abilities. Time to redeem pre-order ship (and the annoying message will also disappear). Ok, enough for today, tomorrow I expect to arrive to the new planet.


I’m trying to finish the texts for days 3 to 5, I expect to finish them on Friday at latest. For now, you can enjoy the live (not commented) live streams:







DAY 10

DAY 11

DAY 12

DAY 13


DAY 14

DAY 15


7 thoughts on “Feature | No Man’s Sky (Multi, 2016) – Logbook

  1. A fascinating read, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I haven’t played it yet as we’re going away for a couple of days, but can’t wait now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I still have to polish texts a bit, my writing is a bit chaotic xD. I wil continue updating here, I know isn’t the best way to have visibility, but I prefer having everything in one post. Can’t wait to read your impressions.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ouch, what a rough start. Hopefully the exploration will go smoother in the future. I can see why some people would be upset with the online options. This game sounds like it would be perfect as an MMO. That said people complained that Elite Dangerous wasn’t single player so you can’t appease everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The hard live of space explorer xD. For me, I had clear what I was expecting since day one, so its fulfilling those expectations. I guess it can get a bit repetitive in the future, but as I usually play in short bursts, for now I’ve no problem. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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