Gameplay | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (Multi, 2002)

During my PS2 days, I had to be very selective with the games, but tried lots of demos. Sometimes, I found really interesting games, but unfortunately never bought final version. One of this was Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, which I think that was the first entry of the saga for PS2. I still have some demo discs around and my old PS2 still works, son I was able to play it again recently.

Released in 2002, it was developed by Black Box (PS2 version) and EA Seattle (Other versions). Curiously, there are some differences between PS2 version and the others, including cars, an additional environment (for a total of five) and, specially, better gameplay.  I haven’t played the others, but there’s a general consensus that PS2 version is the best.

The game is simple, as usual with arcade racing games (a genre I love) and similar to previous Hot Pursuit. Just drive beautiful cars, on different tracks set in natural environments and trying to avoid the police. I think this game was later overshadowed by the success of Underground series, but I find it, and that’s only playing this short demo, a great game. I wish I could find a complete version. Years later, I really enjoyed Criterion Games take on Hot Pursuit saga.

And now, a little glimpse of gameplay:


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