Music & Gallery | Murasaki Baby (2014)

After a little hiatus, I’m back with new content. I continue focusing more on completing the games before I start new ones, so during last month I’ve finished games like Alienation, Gone Home (this time on PS4), Entwined, Knack or Murasaki Baby. Most of them are a bit short, but that it’s good because you aren’t always in the mood for playing those epic long lasting games.

Today, I’m going to write about Murasaki Baby, a game developed by Italian developers Ovosonico and released for PlayStation Vita in September 2014. The game tells the story of “Baby”, a very special girl who has a purple heart shaped balloon, who travels along a strange world filled with other children (each with its own colored balloon) and their own fears and nightmares, trying to get to his mother again. The game has a very special look. For me, it reminds me of Tim Burton drawings and movies, but reading about the game, apparently the inspiration comes from artist Edward Gorey (who inspired Burton). You always can learn new things, I guess.

The game is hard to classify, but I would think that it’s an lineal adventure, with some little puzzles and platforming. The game is played entirely with touch controls and sometimes can be a bit tricky because of that, you hold Baby’s hand to move her and isn’t the most precise way. Puzzles are mainly based in a background swapping mechanic: you change the background color and the world is shown in a different way (the screen flips vertically, some elements appear or disappear) and you can also interact touching the back of the Vita (the monster in the background roars, you conduct electricity, turn on TVs…).

Speaking about the music of the game, it had some relevance before the release because Konami’s former composer Akira Yamaoka collaborated with one of the songs of the games, “Neeko”, working with the composer of game’s soundtrack Gianni Ricciardi. I tried to find the soundtrack, but wasn’t possible. Finally, I found a YouTube user (Katana) who uploaded ending credits so I was able to make these videos with my own gameplay captures and the music extracted from his video (I know, not legal, but, honestly, couldn’t find another way). First, “Neeko”, which sounds during the credits (Update: original version was shorter, I cut the song incorrectly, changed for the complete one):

And second, this song I really loved when I first listened it during the game:


Here you have the complete image gallery I used for the videos:


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