Music | The Tomorrow Children (PS4, 2016)

Past weekend I finally played The Tomorrow Children during its Open Beta. This game was announced almost two years ago and caught people’s attention thanks to its visual design, taking inspiration from Soviet Union.  Behind it, we have Q-Games, well known for PixelJunk series. The Tomorrow Children is a big departure from those titles, changing 2D graphics to 3D and with a really different render technique that makes the game very distinct and unique. This very particular art design is completed with a soundtrack that also takes inspiration from Soviet Union and that I find really interesting. During the credits, you can hear a good selection:

Bonus – Live Gameplay

I streamed some long gameplay sessions of the game, in which you can see a bit better how the game plays. The beginning can be a bit hard, even if they’ve introduced some tutorials, still it’s hard to know what to do.  I had problems to set my residence in the town because there’s a limit and it’s hard to upgrade. But you can enjoy the game without it (you can’t vote and don’t have some privileges). You have different options: you can mine, defend the city, produce electricity, build things, carry materials, drive vehicles, build things… but I think the game works better when you focus in something for a period and all the members of the town make different activities. Yes, the game is always played with other gamers, but you only can see them when they do something and cannot communicate directly. Really waiting to know the release date of this original .


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