Moment | Watch_Dogs (Multi, 2014) – For the Portfolio / Junkyard Shooting

This isn’t the first time appears here. I know it has its faults, but I had a nice time playing it and has some great moments, like this shooting (with lots of interactions with traps). I think that the music also helps (Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod , a song I loved in MotorStorm). This week we’re going to  finally see the sequel, hope it’s build on the good things of the first one and Ubi Soft delivers a great game. For now, enjoy this moment:


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  1. Game looks alright. Perhaps it suffered a backlash from being over hyped?

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    1. GamingPicks says:

      Probably, and main character wasn’t very likeable (but is that bad). Also, lot of backlash because of the graphical downgrade, but I find it interesting and the sequel can be good. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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