Gaming Picks Pre-E3 2016 Feature

I had some real doubts about making this post. I like all the previous rumors, new spectacular announcements and even the ridiculous moments we always have. But to be honest, this is often just smoke and mirrors, with games announced too early, ambiguous “exclusives” and too much hyperbole for my personal tastes. I also I’m trying to focus on what already can play (there’s a lot), but it’s difficult not to be excited. This year is also marked with the rumors of new revised hardware (Microsoft, Sony) or new platforms (Nintendo), but those aren’t going to be present, at least not all.

Sony is right now in an excellent position. Hardware sales were good since first day and software is slowly catching up.  First half of the year has been excellent (Ratchet & Clank, Alienation, Uncharted 4) and they’ve a lot of games already announced and coming on the the following months (The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo Sport, Gravity Rush 2) or next year (Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dreams, Detroit: Become Human, Matterfall). We’re a going to see at least two big new games I’ll comment later. We already know that they’re preparing a revised more powerful PS4, but I don’t think they’ll show it on E3, hardware focus will be on PSVR and I hope once date and price is already know, they’ll focus on games.

Microsoft looks like, apart from new (obvious Forza Horizon 3) and already announced games (Gears of War 4, Scalebound, Crackdown, Sea of Thieves), will show new hardware, from a revised new Xbox One to a new more powerful model, focused on VR in association with Oculus. Latest rumors point to a new Battletoads game by Rare (this is a usual suspect) and a multiplayer zombie game.

Nintendo is going to have little presence (but they’ve a lot of floor space), they’re just showing Zelda this June, for WiiU, even if we already know that a NX version is also in development and the new platform will be released in the following six months. Maybe, with all that floor space they’re going to prepare a big surprise announcement of NX with playable stations.

And know, the games I’m looking forward to most, starting first with new announcements:


This is the year. Kratos is back and he’ll fight Nordic Mythology Gods. That’s what is rumored. I’ve doubts about how they’ll fit Kratos in another mythology, probably he will have to defeat all the gods to bring freedom to mankind. But I’m sure the game will be great, after the little disappoint Ascension was and the cancellation of Santa Monica’s new IP.

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Sony Bend hasn’t released a proper home console game since Syphon Filter for PS2. Last decade they have been focused on PSP and Vita, with some great games. After the release of Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita, 2012), they were affected by Vita’s little success so they cancelled projects like inFamous or Golden Abyss sequel for Vita. After different prototype they look that finally are in full development cycle, with a growing team and with rumors pointing to an apocalyptic open world game. Hope it isn’t online focused. The name also suggests a bit of humor and I’m really intrigued to know how it looks.

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I was expecting this game past year, but wasn’t there. I think that it’s already in a very advanced development state, but the massive success of GTAV has made Rockstar to hold a bit this announcement.Can’t wait to see this new chapter.

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Ubi Soft already has confirmed a new Watch_Dogs and they’re also announcing a new IP. This year marks the first since 2008 with no Assassin’s Creed game (next year we’ll see the new one, probably settled in Egypt), so this one is going to take the spot this Fall.  Even with its fault, I have a nice time with the first one (good hacking mechanics, nice shooting), so I think this game could be great with some little improvements, especially the story. A new protagonist is expected along with a new city, probably San Francisco.

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After last year, everything seems possible. The biggest rumor right now is the return of Crash Bandicoot as Sony exclusive. I’m not sure about this, classic gameplay wouldn’t be widely accepted right now.

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This is a longly rumored game, but isn’t Rocksteady’s new game, I think that Montreal (Arkham Origins) is working of this new game, trying to release it close to the coming movie. It can be interesting.


Enjoyed first game, took everybody’s by surprise, even if now it’s seen as not so good. So it will be great to have a sequel, with Nemesis system improved and more varied and alived environments could be great.


Announced past year, it was a nice surprise, but was really early in development and never believed 2016 release date. Latest Platinum Game’s weren’t well receiver but let’s hope they have the time and the budget to make something big.


I think is going to be delayed to early 2017 (probably, February) and don’t want to see more, I want to discover the world surrounding Aloy by myself. But I expect new gameplay, more details on RPG mechanics, more details on the background stories and… more dinobots.


This game is releasing early next year (March, I guess) and have been present for two years, but very little has been shown. Now, its time has arrive, so I expect a massive information blow out. An open world RPG, with different planets to visit makes my hype skyrocket. Still have to complete original trilogy, so the wait it’s going to be easier.


  • Hideo Kojima’s New Game: still to early to see something, maybe a teaser, but they’re releasing it in 2018, so I prefer if they don’t show it.
  • The Last Guardian: new information and previews have been revelead during past days. If they confirm, again, that it’s coming this year, I don’t need to know more.
  • Sucker Punch’s new game: don’t believe Spider-man rumors, but we should see something soon, it has been more than two years since Second Son.
  • It’s a bit early, but Naughty Dog could show a bit of Uncharted 4 Story DLC along the announcement of the game’s big success.
  • We will se more about Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Destiny Expansion… but not really interested right now
  • Sony is probably working with From Software in a new project, probably a Bloodborne sequel, but I think we’ll see it a bit later, probably at TGS.
  • Certainly,  Dishonored II will be properly shown and looks like one of the games to follow.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: PS4 version will be announced. I enjoyed 2013 game, so I’m waiting for this, but probably not paying full price.
  • Persona 5: I need a European release confirmation.
  • Devil May Cry 5: Resident Evil 7 comes first, but maybe Capcom is showing RE7 in Microsoft’s conference and saving DMC5 for Sony’s one.
  • Gravity Rush 2: we have had some information recently, can’t wait to see more. Loved the first one (two times, on  Vita and on PS4) and this looks to be better.
  • And finally, can’t wait to know when it’s going to be released new Everybody’s Golf.

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  1. Yeah, it would be nice to hear when Persona 5 is coming out in Europe.

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