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I’m back after a break during which I finished Uncharted 4, an amazing game start to finish, but for now I’m not sharing any moment here. I decided to enjoy the first round just playing, no captures, no photo mode. I will share some moments later, probably next month because the game has some amazing moments. I continue playing other games like Ratchet & Clank (gallery is coming soon, still work in progress) or Dirt Rally. I also started new Shadow of the Beast with which I tested sharing gameplay Live, now that I’ve upgraded my connection a bit. I don’t know if I’ll do it regularly, I will probably ask for your feedback, but if I do, it will be just gameplay, without voice-over. I will post more about the game next Thursday, including more gameplay.

But today’s post is about another thing, a little “addiction” I have… I love capturing the images that appear the moment you start a game in PS4. Sometimes is hard (system tells you that you can’t, you have to catch the right moment), but the result is great to have beautiful 1080p wallpapers of your favorite games (along now popular photo modes). In some of them, there’s no title so you can play to guess the game xd (without reading file’s name):

As always, complete  and updated gallery with maximum PNG quality here, in the embedded Flickr one:

DRAGON QUEST HEROES_ El infortunio del Árbol del Mundo y la raíz del mal_20151031092532

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