Ending | Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

As I commented on April’s first post, I was closing the month with another Uncharted entry. This time, and just before the final? chapter’s release on May 10th I’ve chosen the ending of second game. Coincidentally, I’m taking some time off and we’ll back posting here at the end of May. I’ll probably upload some videos during those weeks, but I’ll be mostly disconnected, in part because I love this saga too much and want to avoid spoilers.

About this ending (spoilers), I think it’s probably the best of the saga (for now?), even if it’s far from the masterful ending that shocked me in The Last of Us. The city destruction is a bit topical, at least was the first time in the saga (not like in the third part), but the little suspense of Elena’s fate (touching) and after that, the sense of humor, make a wonderful closing for one of the best action adventure games ever (Edit: changed featured image to avoid spoilers):


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