Gameplay | WipEout Fusion (PS2, 2002)


I started loving WipEout a bit late, with PlayStation 3 version. As I already explained here, never had the original PlayStation (I played it, but thanks to friends). Those days, I had a PC and tried WipEout 2097 demo. The experience wasn’t good, couldn’t run it smoothly and a WipEout game with smooth movementes and precise controls isn’t the best. Then, during PS2 era, I tried WipEout Fusion demo, always remembered as a controversial entry in the saga. Wasn’t bat, but didn’t enjoyed enough to buy it (those days I had to be very selective). Now, more than 10 years later, I’ve decided to give a try. I’ve pluged my old PS2 and played (and captured) some gameplay, and really enjoyed it, hope they release a WipEout game in PS4 (at least, a port of old titles):




Note: featured image from WipEout HD Gallery, couldn’t capture a good image from Fusion.



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