Gameplay | The division (Multi, 2016) – First Mission: Precint Siege in Brooklyn (Hard / Co-op)

I’m having a great time with Ubi Soft’s new game, The Division. Developed by Massive Entertainment, the game takes place in a post-pandemic New York, where you’re trying to recover city’s control. The city is, for me, one of the key points of the game. Even if many movies and games have used it as background, walking around, finding details and fighting through each street feels amazing.

Note: This captures are part of a GALLERY I’m working on

I’m playing mostly solo but decided to test the game a bit so I tried replaying first mission (Precint Siege, in Broklyn, the place that was shown in The Division initial reveal) in Co-op (using matchmaking option) and Hard difficulty. And the experience was really positive, with other players fighting together and helping:

I’ve more footage capture, probably will update this post later.


My first Dark Zone extraction… going solo. Really intense:

And some Twitter videos, a funny bug while playing first mission solo:

And some action later on the game:


3 thoughts on “Gameplay | The division (Multi, 2016) – First Mission: Precint Siege in Brooklyn (Hard / Co-op)

  1. I don’t blame you for playing mostly solo. Isn’t this the game were trolls obstruct the doors?

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    1. Don’t know, until know I’ve find nice people using matchmaking and even inside de Dark Zone. But yes, sometimes it’s better solo and even I was afraid, I also find The Division enjoyable that way.

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