Gameplay | Assault Android Cactus (Multi, 2015-16)

A short blog entry today, my first minutes with “Asssault Android Cactus”, the twin stick shooter developed by Witch Beam and released past year for PC and Mac. It has been released for PS4 last week (from which this video is taken), and will be released later for WiiU and Vita. During these first minutes I only show  the Story Mode (which you can play 4 player co-op), but soon you unlock some new modes, including a “Daily Drive” (a daily challenge mode, I guess) and a survival mode called “Infinity Drive”. I also have seen other tweaks, like a “First Person Camera Mode” that I’ll surely try (and maybe update this post). Game also has unlockable art, something I always like.

And a little surprise, a Unity game with good performance in PS4.  After some problems with Grow Home, Firewatch and, specially, Broforce, this game runs smooth 60 fps with lots of effects, looks lovely:



2 thoughts on “Gameplay | Assault Android Cactus (Multi, 2015-16)

  1. I suck at this game. The first boss pwns me because I keep running out of battery.

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    1. I beat him in the second try (the video isn’t edited, it was my first time with the game), but I was really close to die at the end. Let’s see if I’m lucky with the second boss. Thanks for commenting!

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