Gallery | Far Cry 4 (2014)

A bit late to the party, but right now I’m trying to finish games that I was enjoying some time ago but for different reasons I stopped playing. First was Watch_Dogs, now another Ubi Soft game, Far Cry 4. After having a great time with Far Cry 3 in PS3 (it was PS+ Free game) I decided to buy its sequel day one. The gameplay was similar, but the setting was more original.

The game takes place in Himalaya, in the fictional country of Kyrat. The landscape is beautiful, really like verticality and also snowy mountains part, even if, unfortunately, are set apart of the main map. The game follows the already know “Ubi Soft Formula for Open World Games”, so it can get a bit repetitive.

There is no Photo-Mode per se, but as in previous title you can use a in-game camera and hide the HUD, so works like a real one (without stopping the game or moving the camera around the scene). With this trick, I really enjoyed making photos, specially of the landscapes and the fauna, another great point of the saga:

Far Cry® 4_20160227121741



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