Landscapes | Firewatch (Multi, 2016)

I wish I could make more Landscapes videos, but unfortunately can’t prepare them properly lately, being in front of the PC also at weekends isn’t the best option ;). But didn’t want to let the time pass without writing about the recently released Firewatch, so this time I’ve adopted a different approach and instead of sharing a long video you’ll find here, at least for now, three short videos and some captures.

Firewatch is a new game developed by Camposanto (Spanish word for cemetery). I was interested since it was announced, the game looked amazing and the premise, interesting. As usual, I tried to know as little as possible. After enjoying games like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter or Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture during past year, I was ready for more of this “walking simulators”, even if I prefer the concept “light adventure” someone brought past week at NeoGAF or “first person adventure” or even “first person experience”. In the case of Firewatch, you won’t find puzzles, unlike other similar titles.

Trying to keep spoilers at minimum, the game tells the story of Henry, which accepts a work as fire lookoutin Wyoming during Summer of 1989after splitting (temporally?) from his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer. From the beginning, you will talk via walkie-talkie with Delilah, who is a veteran fire lookout and his supervisor. During different days across the summer, you will confront different situations, maybe related between them, while you talk with Delilah. All the dialogues between Henry and Delilah are probably the best part of the game and the voiceover actors (Rich Sommer and Cissy Jones) make an incredible good job.

I really liked how the story develops, it makes me want to continue until the end, it’s intriguing and you question what’s happening. I know there’s a big debate about the end, which I liked. But some discoveries near the end, not so much, so I can understand the controversy. The game’s is a bit short, so you can find it a bit expensive (19.99 € right now, was a bit cheaper with pre-orders and first week PS+). I finished it in less than 5 hours, but I missed some things and Easter eggs.

Speaking about the game’s technical details, the game is beautiful, with a really marked style and some unforgettable moments. It also has some technical faults, some pop-in and framerate drops. I think is because it’s developed with Unity, I had a similar experience past year with Grow Home, another great little game I should talk about.

But even with those problems, that Camposanto it’s trying to solve with patches, the game has a beautiful landscape where all the story progresses. Sometimes, you just want to stop and enjoy calmly the view:

During the different days, you will see the same places with different lighting conditions (backtracking is a bit too much sometimes, that’s another negative point), you’ll discover new places as the world opens and every single moment, situation is clearly designed as a whole: Story, location, lighting:

As a conclusion, I’ve a nice time with this game. Here you can enjoy the complete capture gallery (wish I could hide the cross-hair), if I had some time, I will probably add a video here later:



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