Gallery | The Order: 1886 (PS4, 2015) – Photo Mode

Today I start a new gallery about one of past year’s most controversial game, The Order: 1886. I’ve already talked about this game before, sharing some moments and GIFs. To be honest, the game has some big problems, but really enjoyed the story, even with its open and bit nonsensical ending. The source material had a great potential but I’m afraid that it will never be developed. I also found the shooting mechanics solid and still don’t understand why they didn’t make shooting parts a bit longer and with better pace between them. And well, we also had, the graphics.

The game has recently received “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Real-Time Project” award at the Visual Effect’s Society annual ceremony and can’t agree more. The game is gorgeous, the amount of detail, the lighting and the post processing effects are astonishing, even if not everybody liked this last point. I shared some gameplay captures in the moments post, but as Photo Mode was released once I finished the game, only tried it a bit (thankfully, I prefer playing the game first and after that, start taking captures). Now I’m back to the game trying to take good captures and flying through the alleys to discover all the details (believe me, it’s addictive xD). I’m not a great photographer, but I enjoy doing this a lot, as you already know if you follow this blog. Today you won’t find a lot of captures but I will update regularly, as I do with other galleries, specially DRIVECLUB’s one. One last advice, some “Action” captures are a bit gory, the game took me by surprise with this, it’s really explicit.

The Order_ 1886_20160213214954


The Order_ 1886_20160207225125


Action & Others
The Order_ 1886_20160210231509

3 thoughts on “Gallery | The Order: 1886 (PS4, 2015) – Photo Mode

  1. The visuals are gorgeous. Shame that a sequel may never come after those lukewarm reviews.

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    1. Yes, a sequel with the experience the team gained with this game will be certainly amazing. But, unfortunately, we’ll never see it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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